Cooking Okonomiyaki Kit 1.77kg


A speciality of the Kansai and Hiroshima regions, though famous all over Japan, okonomiyaki is considered to be one of Japanís best loved dishes. Okonomiyaki is often referred to as a Japanese pancake and is typically stuffed with cabbage and topped with swathes of sauce, aonori seaweed and dried bonito flakes. With the addition of fresh eggs, meat and vegetables this set makes it possible to recreate all the joy of eating okonomiyaki at home with authentic Japanese ingredients not available in British supermarkets. This set from Japanese Food Direct also includes yakisoba, so it is possible to make either the Kansai or Hiroshima styles, whichever you prefer!

Recipe included.

This set includes:
1x Tempura Flour (400g)
1x Aonori Powdered Seaweed
1x Dashi no Moto
1x QP Mayonnaise (500g)
1x Okonomiyaki Pancake Sauce (500g)
1x Yakisoba Noodles

*Please note that due to current shortages of okonomiyaki flour in the UK, we are using tempura flour with this kit. Our team thinks itís just as good and makes your okonomiyaki nice and crisp on the outside, delicious!

*Please note that brands are subject to change depending on stock level.

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