Umeshu is a liqueur made with plums. It has been consumed over 1,000 years in Japan. Umeshu is made by soaking unripe ume plums in sugar and shochu (Japanese clear distilled spirit) which has an alcohol content of about 35%. Ume plums contain potassium and calcium, so umeshu is said to be a healthy drink.

Green ume plums are mainly harvested in May/June in Japan and many people make umeshu at home. If you are looking for an aperitif to go with Japanese-style meals, umeshu is a good choice. Making umeshu isn't hard. See How to Make Umeshu.

Umeshu Drinks:

  • Umeshu on the Rocks
  • Umeshu Tonic (1/3 cup umeshu & 2/3 cup tonic water)
  • Umeshu Soda (1/3 cup umeshu & 2/3 cup carbonated water)
  • Hot Umeshu (1/3 cup umeshu & 2/3 cup hot water)

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