Sanchi Kombu Seaweed 60G


Kombu has a thick texture; to soften sufficiently to eat as a vegetable it needs to be soaked for 20 minutes then cooked in the soaking water for 45 minutes. It is most commonly used for preparing nourishing and flavourful soup stocks by simply boiling a strip for 15 minutes. Also, add a strip straight from the pack when cooking beans, casseroles, stews or vegetarian proteins, to help soften and flavour them. Kombu can also be used straight from the pack (do not rinse) for deep frying into delicious sea vegetable chips, or it can be baked then ground into a powder and mixed with herbs, spices and seeds to make a nourishing table condiment.

Especially rich in minerals (containing 10-33% by dry weight, depending on species)

A nourishing and tasty condiment.


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