YO Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook


It's surprising to realise just how thoroughly sushi -- the Japanese art of fish-based cuisine -- has colonised the more sophisticated areas of Great Britain (and some not so sophisticated). What was once considered exotic fare is now something that many of us are addicted to. And the reasons arenít difficult to understand -- apart from the absolutely delicious nature of the food itself, it's the undisputed healthy aspects of sushi that allows us to enjoy the food without feeling in the slightest guilty. A great part of the revolution in food bought about by sushi in this country is undoubtedly due to the remarkable success of the YO! Sushi chain of restaurants, and YO! Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook by Kimiko Barber is both the bible of this new/old cuisine, as well as an inspirational primer for those wishing to try their hand at preparing sushi themselves.

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